Cloud Wallet

We are proud to offer what we believe to be the world’s first commercially ready and available post-quantum secure encryption product - Cloud Wallet.

The standard McEliece method, whilst post-quantum secure, has a number of efficiency limitations and cannot be easily implemented in software running in real time. Our coding experts and software engineers have put in many man years’ effort to overcome these issues and have produced a commercially available product that runs on today's devices. Cloud Wallet is based on the standard McEliece system and uses the longer key sizes as recommended by the crypto experts so the system is future proof.

Cloud Wallet LITE

Cloud Wallet LITE is the free version of Cloud Wallet. Although it is free and supported by advertisements, the lite version provides identical level of security as the full version.

The limitations of the lite version are:

  • Category editor is not available. A user can only use the pre-built categories.
  • A user can only upload no more than three Photos.
  • A user can only upload no more than three Voice Memos.
Future Products

We have two granted patents which include a number of significant improvements to the standard McEliece method to make it even more secure. These features will be incorporated into future applications such as Group Cloud Wallet and Cloud Wallet Pro. There is a real need for users to share confidential information with friends and colleagues without the fear of hacking. These new products are designed to address this need.

Owing to our significant improvements made to the standard McEliece method, some of our future products will only be available to approved customers.